The NutraSaff Solution

NutraSaff™, also sometimes called Golden Safflower, is a safflower hybrid specifically developed to have a thinner hull and higher levels of oil, protein and fat than traditional safflower.  It’s easier and healthier for your birds to eat, and studies show that birds prefer it 2 to 1 over traditional safflower!  

Many of your favorite birds will enjoy NutraSaff, but blackbirds, grackles and squirrels typically don't. NutraSaff can be offered in hopper, platform or tube feeders, and it is especially helpful for window or deck feeders where blackbirds or squirrels may be a problem. Offer NutraSaff gradually, mixing it with the seed blends you currently provide, and over time, you'll end up with a dining spot for all kinds of birds, including House Finches, woodpeckers, nuthatches and chickadees.