Meeting Your Birds' Nesting Needs


There are a variety of foods that are ideal for nesting birds:

1. WBU Nesting SuperBlend - specifically designed by our experts to provide the protein, fat and calcium birds need during nesting.

2. WBU No-Mess Blends - it takes a lot of time to crack the shell on every seed you eat. Nesting birds need all the energy they can get, so No-Mess blends are a great way to offer the on-the-go energy they need. Our No-Mess Plus Blend, specifically, also includes fruit, suet nuggets and tree nuts for extra nutrition.

3. Live or Dried Mealworms - these can attract both common and uncommon insect eaters to your feeders. Be sure to offer live mealworms in a smooth-sided tray/bowl feeder.

4. Jim's BIrdacious Bark Butter® - whether in the form of butter, bits, or suet cakes, Bark Butter is an excellent way for birds to get the most from every bite - and the babies love it too!