7 Simple Actions to Help Birds

3 Billion Birds - 7 Simple Actions


A report published by the North American Bird Conservation Initiative (NABCI) found that the population of breeding birds in the U.S. and Canada has dropped by 3 billion birds in 50 years. 

Learn more about 7 Simple Actions you can take to help birds, including: 

  • Making Windows Safer for Birds
  • Keeping Cats Indoors
  • Planting Native Plants
  • Drinking Bird-Friendly Coffee
  • Watching Birds
  • Avoiding Pesticides - Using our No-Mess bird foods helps by reducing pesticide use by farmers to create the fillers used in other brands AND by reducing weed sprouting in your yard that may get sprayed by lawn services. 
  • Reducing Single-Use Plastics

 We encourage you to spread the word about how we can all help. So be sure to share this information and use the hashtag #SaveTheSongBirds.